Top Agencies

The top advertising agencies in the United States

What do top advertising agencies offer?

Top advertising agencies compose ads that help promote a brand or business to its target market. The goal of these ads is to create a positive emotional attachment between the consumer and the company while also making an impression that lasts. In most cases, the agency will be in charge of deciding where commercials should air as well as what time of day would work best for them- among other choices. Usually, they are also responsible for getting more engagement from prospects and sale conversions.

Advertising agencies can provide a range of services, from upstream activities like market and competitive research, to downstream functions such as promotional development and execution.

Who should use an advertising agency?

Although marketing departments are responsible for advertising, this is often a specialty that’s contracted out to one or more third-party agencies. Even if a company has hundreds of employees, its in-house advertising team might only have a few members that mainly interact with and manage external agencies.

Outsourcing to an agency can be less expensive and more effective. Therefore, companies and brands would benefit from engaging an advertising agency regardless of size or type.

What Does an Advertising Agency Cost?

Advertising agencies’ fees can greatly differ, depending on the company’s size and what type of services are needed. For example, some need a minimum project fee of $10,000 with hourly rates in the $100-$200 range while others might be more expensive.

When a budget is tight, the brand may get more out of its money by setting forth in advance the brand’s strengths, what distinguishes it from the competition, the target consumer, and the project’s goals. Before selecting an agency, brands should conduct interviews and verify several individuals.


How We Chose the Best Advertising Agencies

After looking at over lots of marketing and adverting businesses and conducting an in-depth study of their websites and third-party online reviews, we arrived at these seven top organizations. We reduced this list to the seven best based on a number of criteria, including industry and geographical expertise, specialties provided, reputation, and, where feasible, costs. We also considered the full breadth of creative talents and services supplied.